About me


Hi I’m Nikki! I live in Temperance, MI with my husband and 2 dogs.  I’m based in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio, although I LOVE to travel and highly encourage destination weddings!  I have always had a passion for photography but it wasn’t until I finished college with a marketing degree that I decided to pursue it professionally.

I love LOVE. I love meeting new couples and seeing the love and adoration for one another on their faces, in their smiles, and the way they look at each other. It amazes me every day that I am able to wake up and be a part of so many different love stories.  How cool is that?

I take a creative approach to my work and I’m always down to try something new.  You may see me on a shoot in a tree or laying on the ground, and that’s totally normal. . . (I think) It just means that I will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot!