Detroit Anniversary Session

I’m a little late doing this blog post because life has been a little crazy lately.  We are remodeling the house, wedding season is in full swing- I definitely need an assistant lol, and nursing school is hard y’all. Welcome to adulthood, am I right?


One of my best friends, Shawna, got married last April here in Michigan.  I’ve been photographing her and Brandon’s love story from the start when he surprised her with a proposal during a Christmas shoot.  However, I was in their wedding so I couldn’t be their wedding photographer.  So I decided on the next best thing, a 1 year styled anniversary shoot.  If you know Shawna you know she loves having her photos taken and Brandon is just like every other guy and he will do it, but gets bored quick.  They live in Georgia so we planned for them to fly home the weekend of their anniversary and we went back up to Detroit to the big color wall that we did some of their engagement photos at.

We show up and the good old city of Detroit decided to ruin photographers’ lives and put up a closed parking lot right in front of the color wall with freakin’ barbed wired around it so there is no getting in.  We were already here and ready to shoot so we made it work.

Here is what it used to look like– (Don’t judge my editing style from back in the day haha)


It was all open in front of that wall so I could back up and get nice big wide open shots.

Well here’s what it looks like now–


Not exactly what we were hoping for. But I put my photoshop skills to work and came up with this guy.


Detroit: 0

Nikki: 1

Luckily there was a little path right in front of the wall that we were able to use.

How perfect does Shawna look though?


Makeup is on point thanks to Beauty by Billie Jo.

Hair is perfectly boho chic thanks to Jaclyn Aiton.

Bartz Viviano killed it as usual with the florals.  I mean how perfect is that flower crown for this shoot?

Dress is Allure.

Brandon got into it too. Definitely GQ material here 😉


We even used the prison fence to our advantage. haha


We stopped off at The Detroit Institute of Arts.

Then we went down to the Z-belt and finished out the session with a little rooftop dancing.

Happy 1 year anniversary Shawna and Brandon. Love you both!





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