Jazmin+Cullen Chicago engagement

This is one of my favorite stories of all time, mainly because it’s one of those, everything happens for a reason things.  2 years ago Nik and I were on our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen and we scheduled a few of those excursion trips, you know the ones where you have to sit in a stinky van with like 5-10 other people and feel super awkward since you’re crammed in, you don’t know anyone else and the driver is trying to speak to you in Spanish and you’re just over there like i don’t know spanish so i’m gonna keep repeating the only phrases I know.  And let’s get serious you can only get so far with como esta, buenos dias, muy bien, gracias and hola chico.  Although I would throw in the occasional pantalones just for fun 🙂

Ok anyways, we just so happened to end up on like 3 of our excursions with Jazmin and Cullen, so eventually we decided to talk to them, mainly because Cullen knew more spanish words than we did. haha just kidding.  Ok so long story short we ended up hanging out adding each other on facebook and throwing out likes and occasional post comments until they posted that they were engaged! Obviously I was super excited for them and told them I knew a pretty good destination photographer. We started chatting and ended up agreeing it would be a huge mistake to choose any other photographer to shoot their wedding in Cozumel.  I mean, I was already familiar with the resort 😉

All kidding aside, these two are so in love and it’s evident in everything they do and the way they look at each other.  They live in Iowa and I’m over here in Michigan so we decided to meet halfway and do a fall engagement session in the city of Chicago.  We made our way through the city and had to end with some Ben & Jerry’s!


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