Shawna & Brandon’s engagement session

This is my first ever blog post!  I finally set up my website- hope you guys like it.


Shawna and I have been best friends for like 20 years now, so when Brandon called me and said he wanted to plan the proposal and wanted my help to get the shots of it, I was freaking out!  I mean obviously, of course I want to be a part of that.  So we planned for them to come up to Michigan (they live in Georgia) around Thanksgiving time and we would do a Christmas photo shoot for Christmas cards.  We went to a local Christmas tree farm and it was perfect.  There was snow covering the ground and coming down perfectly for the shoot.  It was crazy romantic you guys.  The craziest part about it, is that it literally snowed like 4 times last year and never stuck to the ground except for this day! How amazing right?!? So I pretend like I’m just shooting normal photos and halfway through, he gets down on one knee and proposes, she had no idea! To be able to capture that was absolutely incredible.

Ok you’re caught up now.

Shawna called and said she wanted me to do her engagement photos when they were in town last week.  I was super excited- I mean look at them, they’re practically out of a magazine so I LOVEEE to shoot them.  She had found a couple hidden spots in Detroit that looked amazing so we hopped in the car and drove up there.  It was so worth it as you can see.  We had the color wall, the alley with graffiti and string lights, and we went to Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI to get some lakeside shots.  Everything just turned out perfect.  The bride’s new last name will be hunter, so she went out and bought some hunter boots!  Adorable!  One of my favorite pictures came from this! I love that we could showcase her ring off with her new last name in a very unique way!


Unfortunately, I can’t shoot the wedding- but that’s ok I’d rather be standing up there by her side while she says, “I DO!”

Thanks for letting me capture these amazing shots shawna and brandon.  You two are perfection!



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